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Is it painful?
There may be places on your feet that are more sensitive than others signaling an imbalance. Anything up to the "hurts so good" is fine. Reflexology is based on deep relaxation so anticipating pain is counterproductive. It feels amazing – the best "foot rub" you'll ever have. And of course, give feedback on the pressure that works for you.
Can reflexology make a condition worse?
No. Reflexology can only help bring the body into balance.
What if I am ticklish?
Reflexology is not a tickling sensation at all. Clients who find themselves in Maggie's chair and are worried about being ticklish are happily surprised.
How often do I need to have a session?
Regular sessions are recommended to maintain health. It's a good idea to have them no further apart then once a week when you are coming for a specific issue. That way the effects will be cumulative. After that it is up to the individual.
How fast can I expect results?
That depends on the results you are looking for. Reflexology will make a positive difference after just one session. What exactly that feels like is different for every person..
Can I have reflexology when I am pregnant?
Absolutely! Reflexology is an excellent therapy before, during and after pregnancy. If you are concerned, check out this website:
or speak with Maggie
What about right after surgery?
Reflexology is very beneficial before and after surgery. Before to get the body relaxed and receptive, after to again relax the body so it can get on with the healing process instead of being in shock.
What specific things can reflexology help?
Since reflexology encourages the body to seek homeostasis, many, many conditions can be helped. Some of the more common ailments that respond well to reflexology are:
Allergies Heel Spur Neck Pain
Asthma Hip Pain Neuropathy
Back Pain Hot Flashes Thyroid Issues
Carpal Tunnel Indigestion Vertigo
Constipation/Diarrhea Infertility Plantar Fasciitis
Edema Kidney Stones PMS
Fatigue Leg pain Sciatica
Fibromyalgia Menstrual Cramps Sinusitis
Headaches Multiple Sclerosis Sleep Issues
Heartburn Nausea Low Vitality
How did Maggie become a reflexologist?
Maggie was 5 months pregnant with her second child and suffering from serious heartburn and constipation. After trying other therapies, she went to a reflexologist. "Two sessions later no more constipation and my heartburn was greatly reduced. And I loved how great I felt."
Maggie Davis


  Maggie Davis Reflexology - ARCB Certified  - Santa Barbara, CA

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