Maggie Davis Reflexology - ARCB Certified  - Santa Barbara, CA
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The most popular session is 1 Hour of Reflexology at $95.
Regular sessions are recommended to maintain balance and frequent sessions initially are recommended for clients who are addressing specific health issues.
Foot Reflexology/Hand Reflexology
1/2 Hour choose feet or hands $55

45 Minutes choose all feet or feet and hands $80

1 Hour choose all feet or feet and hands $95

Deluxe Reflexology – Feet and Hands
You may choose to begin your Deluxe Session with a warm up massage of the head, neck and shoulders
1 Hour 15 Minutes feet and hands $115

1 1/2 Hours feet and hands $135

All the above prices are for sessions in Maggie's Reflexology Studio and include relaxing on
The BioMat during the session.

Outcalls (your home, office, outdoor location) are available for an additional $30

BioMat Only Sessions
Lie on an amazing Amethyst BioMat in a quiet, private room. Receive the healing benefits of far infrared rays and negative ions penetrating 6-8 inches into your body.
Up to 1 Hour   $30

For more information on The BioMat, visit

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  Maggie Davis Reflexology - ARCB Certified  - Santa Barbara, CA

Appointments - 805-628-5117